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As the population of this country ages, and moves to a milder climate, we are realizing that we can and must adapt our houses to fit our changing needs. We are also recognizing people as people and not as disabled people or not. And we are designing our world to make it accessible for everyone. Florida is aging and we must adapt their houses for them.

Upgrading a bathroom is the one necessity that we don’t think of. Oh, we have leaks or faucets or drains repaired, but unless our lives change drastically, like an aging parent comes to live with us or even as we age, we realize the need for bathroom updates designed to make life safer and easier are necessary. We might want a prettier bathroom, but the need for one is as important as just wanting new fixtures and a pretty paint color. We can easily have both.

The first thing that we usually do is install grab bars near the tub or toilet. That makes it easier to get up and gives us something to hold onto when getting in and out of the tub or shower.

Speaking of tubs and showers, now is the time to change the tub or shower if you are losing mobility. If you plan on staying in your house until you are carried out feet first rather than having to endure the indignities of a nursing home, you must make your bathroom a safe place.

Your Orlando plumber can install ADA showers that are wheelchair accessible or tubs that can be accessed with a sliding chair. Shower or tub seats can be built in for comfort and safety.

Landlords, think about widening your demographic. Accessible bathrooms mean you have a larger rental market from which to draw. Your costs for upgrading your bathrooms will be recovered in a year or so.

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